Europe \ deux milles treize.

I wouldn’t really say this is photography, but yeah.

I went to Europe with (part of) my family somewhere around 2012, which is already A YEAR ago (who knew time would fly THIS fast?! I know I don’t) and I haven’t actually posted any of my photos anywhere, except as profile picture stock. So here I am, telling a bit of a story about this.

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First of all, these aren’t all of the pictures I took, of course, I literally have thousands of them but I just selected a couple. Okay. So I went to Germany, Italy, Switzerland and also the Netherlands, Belgium and France, but I didn’t insert any pictures in those countries.

The tour was good fun. I luckily went there with an awesome group of people who were just strangers, but we came home to be good friends. The weather is so fine. I used to think that it was cold as hell, (or, heaven?) but now that I live in London, when I think about it, it was actually heaven. It wasn’t really my first time going to Europe, in fact, I just went back from England a few weeks ago when I came back to Europe again for this tour. My friends weren’t really happy to find out about this, hahaha.

I bought so many souvenirs for each and one of my friends, but I end up forgetting about them and only giving them to a few that I kinda remembered. I am so sorry about this, everyone who is involved. I am just human.


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